Autumn Gathering 2023

SFI Smart Ocean has had its regular autumn gathering with approx. 50 participants from academia, industry, research institutions and administration present. An important task was to update each other on the status of the various work packages and identify dependencies and discuss cross-cutting topics, to ensure smooth cooperation between the various work packages in the centre.

Furthermore, the meeting focused on the work plans for 2024, funding opportunities for spin-off projects that can provide room for more deepening or expansion of the research topic. There was also time for inspiring professional presentations, e.g. from SAC member Joao Sousa, who gave the lecture «Large scale operational experimentation: vision and trends», and PhD scholar Keila Lima (HVL) with the lecture «Marine Data Observability using Key Performance Indicators: A Model-driven Software Engineering Approach”.

Physical gatherings are important to strengthen the interaction between the partners and to ensure focus on joint objectives in the centre. It also provides extra inspiration and hopefully increased the enthusiasm for being part of a good professional community with an important mission.