Data exploration for SFI-Smart Ocean

Our SFI Smart Ocean pilot demonstrator has begun to send data!

Since May this year, our 2 test rigs located at Austevoll on the western coast of Norway have been gathering and sending out data from the first deployment of pilot demonstrators in our project

These 2 test rigs will be collecting data for the project and will be used as a reference system and test platform for wireless communication and networking technologies.

We are now at a stage where we have successfully demonstrated the pipeline from sensor to information – data acquisition, transmission, storage, and analysis. The data is sent through a series of systems and the service updates every 15 minutes with any new data arriving from the station.

As the project evolves, our data will be made available through interfaces with open access. However, in this early demonstration, we have made and deployed a web application that shows the sensor data so that it can be observed, analyed, or downloaded for plotting and analysis. The 2 stations monitor the ocean at varying depths and provide key parameters such as water temperature, oxygen concentration, salinity and turbidity. The instrumentation is deployed by Xylem, and the data integration and analysis platform has been implemented by NORCE with senior researcher Jeremy Cook heading up the team of developers behind the web application.

Smart Ocean Data Exploration Portal can be accessed by anybody using this web address:
SFI Smart Ocean is funded by the Research Council of Norway and centre partners: