Smart Ocean welcomes new partner, W-Sense

W•SENSE is a deep-tech company specializing in underwater monitoring and communication systems, based on patented technologies that have pioneered the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) for top tier customers in aquaculture, energy and environmental monitoring, security and defense. W-Sense’s technologies are at the forefront of underwater wireless networking, enabling multi-modal secure wireless communications and networking among submerged and surface sensing and robotic platforms.  W-Sense technology allows real time, bidirectional communications, easy integration to any vendor’s sensors modems and devices, interoperability and long-lasting autonomy.

The autumn meeting of  SFI Smart Ocean was the occasion for welcoming W-Sense AS. W-Sense will provide the Centre with access to new competence and equipment, in addition to new perspectives in solving challenges undertaken by SFI Smart Ocean. Pictured above, CTO and Founder Chiara Petrioli flanked by colleagues from W-Sense.

«We are really excited and proud to join the SFI Smart Ocean consortium and to have the possibility to empower researchers and industrial partners with our experience and technology to build the next generation of Internet of Underwater Things systems and achieve, on a global scale a sustainable, safe and secure Blue Economy!» – Dr. Chiara Petrioli.

The Smart Ocean autumn meeting (19-20 October) focused on the status of the work at the Centre, and on the strategy for next year’s working plans.

More than 50 participants could enjoy the beautiful surroundings and weather at Nordnes in Bergen.