New Article: Challenges, limitations, and measurement strategies to ensure data quality in deep-sea sensors

SFI Smart Ocean Phd Student Astrid Marie Skålvik has published a new article in the journal Frontiers of Marine Science.

This paper addresses an important challenge for sensors operating in the deep parts of the ocean for extended periods of time. These sensors operate in extremely harsh and remote environments, with limitations related to power and communication. It is therefore difficult and expensive to maintain and check the meters regularly. If the data collected from these sensors are not of high quality or accuracy, it can lead to incorrect understanding of the deep ocean conditions, or important changes or conditions can be missed. To ensure that the data collected from these sensors are indeed accurate, we examine automatic tests that can be programmed directly into the sensors so that they themselves can check whether the data they are producing are reliable or if the sensor in question needs supervision. This is a step on the way to more sophisticated use of smart sensors in long-term, autonomous operation in remote deep-water locations.