PhD Defense – Håvard Stavn Ugulen

Håvard Ugulen portrett

On the 28th November 13.15 – 15.00, Håvard Stavn Ugulen will defend his PhD-thesis: «Characterization and correction of errors in measured inherent optical properties: Multiple scattering errors in LISST-VSF measurements». 

Ugulen is the first PhD-candidate associated with SFI Smart Ocean to defend his thesis. Ugulen is part of the Optics group at UiB, and associated member of WP1-6 in SFI Smart Ocean. His supervisors have been Camilla Sætre (main supervisor) and Arne Kristoffersen and Børge Hamre as co-supervisors.

His thesis can be found here, and the defense takes place at Realfagsbygget, Auditorium 2 (Allegaten 41). 

The press-release (in Norwegian only) is found here: Press-release

SFI Smart Ocean wishes Håvard good luck with his PhD-defense!