PhD-students in SFI Smart Ocean

PhD-student Wiktoria Karolina Szapoczka (UIB), WP1

PhD-student Wiktoria Karolina Szapoczka

My name is Wiktoria and since September 2021 I am a Ph.D. candidate at SFI Smart Ocean. I am under the supervision of Bodil Holst (Department of Physics and Technology), Tore Skodvin (Department of Chemistry), and Peter James Thomas (NORCE). 

The main objective of the project is to develop a compact, stable, and affordable optical pH sensor for use in seawater. This will be done by synthesizing an indicator with pH-dependent fluorescence properties and optimizing its response with different spectral filtering and membrane choices. An additional part of the project is to develop and investigate different anti-biofouling nano-treatments to ensure as smooth and maintenance-free user experience of the pH sensor as possible. 

Before this position, I have been a student in the Department of Chemistry, from where I graduated with masters in analytical chemistry. My master project was a collaboration between UiB and the Institute of Marine Research, where I explored metabolites of crude oil in Atlantic Haddock by using mass spectrometry. I have always been drawn to ocean-oriented research, thus why I chose to study in Bergen, and I am extremely grateful and excited to be a part of the Smart Ocean team. 

In my free time, I like to play board games, go to the cinema and, when the weather allows it, relax in my hammock in the mountains around Bergen. 

PhD-student Keila Lima (HVL), WP3

PhD-student Keila Lima

I have a background in the marine robotics field where I have worked for 4 years in Portugal for different national and european projects. Besides the research work, I also have some experience in field operations in both coastal and open-seas environment. I have a master in Network and Information Systems Engineering and a bachelors’ in computer science.

I have started my PhD Fellowship in January of 2022 and I am going to work in the software architecture for smart monitoring of the ocean (Workpackage 3). And, more especifically, I am very interested in studing how can marine subsystems can be made uniform. The SFI Smart Ocean presents a great opportunity to experiment that, and at the same time bringing together knowledge from partners from different applications within the marine

Furhtermore, I very  interested in marine systems domain and their usage in favor of a deeper understanding of our oceans.

PhD-student Astrid Marie Skålvik (UiB), WP1

PhD-student Astrid Marie Skålvik

I have a bachelor + master in fundamental physics from Université Paul Sabatier (France) and University of Bergen. My master thesis was about Quark-Gluon plasma, supervised by professor Laszlo Csernai. During my studies in Bergen I worked as a science teacher at Bergen Katedralskole, and after my studies I started at Christian Michelsen Research, now part of NORCE. There I have worked (and still work 25 %) as a scientist in the Measurement Technology-group, with focus on how uncertainty propagates through more or less complex measurement systems. On the side I have also taken some courses in pedagogy/didactics (PPU).

My Ph.D. on sensor self-diagnostics and self-validation in subsea networks is part of work package 1.2 in SFI Smart Ocean. I will first focus on self-calibration possibilities internally in a sensor by use of secundary measurement and signal processing techniques. Then I will look at how measurements from several sensors in a metering station can be used. My starting point wil be to get an overview over methods described in the litterature, and an understanding of additional challenges related to subsea sensing, as battery capacity, signal transfer, environmental factors among others. 

Camilla Sætre, Førsteamanuensis UiB, is the main supervisor, whereas Kjell-Eivind Frøysa (HVL) and Ranveig N. Bjørk (NORCE) are co-supervisors.