Successful Workshop and Tutorial on the SFI Smart Ocean Platform

The partners of SFI Smart Ocean were invited to get information on status and plans for the SFI Smart Ocean Platform, and to give input to new functionality and further development of the platform on April 11th at HVL. There were close to 50 participants at this workshop, so the interest and the involvement is very good.

The SFI Smart Ocean Data and Application Platform is the cloud-hub for data flow in the SFI Smart Ocean digital eco-system interconnecting sensors and data services. The first version of the platform cloud-services was completed at the end of 2023, and has been deployed consuming data flows from the Aanderaa sensor hub and the WSense underwater sensor network at the Austevoll test-site. Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) has also performed initial tests delivering data from NILUS to the platform.

This first version of the platform provides an MQTT-based messaging service for providing and consuming real-time data streams, and a REST APIs-based data space service based on noSQL database technology for long-term storage and retrieval of historical data time series.  The development of the platform services also covers the design and implementation of the SFI Smart Ocean data model and format for time series data. Work completed in relation to the platform also includes an improved version of the SFI Smart Ocean data explorer based on NORCE Enlighten, evaluation and review of the WSense cloud API, integration studies concerning the NMDC infrastructure, and initial experiments with data sets from Oslofjorden provided by Kongsberg Discovery.

Researchers and students presented the architecture, functionality and implementation details of the platform, and the afternoon session included gathering information from the participants via interactive web tools. The master students Jonas Hammerseth and Jaran Jonasson from HVL plan to use this input for their master theses. We look forward to seeing how this feedback can be utilized for further developments of the SFI Smart Ocean platform.