Workshop – Ocean Technologies

On 31. August, you are invited to an innovation workshop on Ocean Technologies in Bergen. The workshop is a joint arrangement between SFI Smart Ocean, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, SFIs Offshore Mechatronics, GCE NODE and GCE Ocean Technology.

The goal of the workshop is to explore emerging topics within ocean technologies that will form the basis for future needs within operation and maintenance in the offshore, marine, and maritime sectors.

This is an arena where stakeholders from different regions and along the value chains within offshore, marine, and maritime industries meet to discuss common challenges and problems.

Our belief is that by challenging others with your own ideas or problems, innovation processes will be initiated that are based on real needs.

The program contains selected inspirational talks from academia and industry and a workshop element where the participants will suggest and develop their ideas in collaboration through a controlled process. The organizers are open for coordinating efforts stemming from the workshop to initiate cooperation for further developing selected prominent topics.


08:45 Registration and coffee
09:15 Welcome by GCE Ocean Technology, Bjarte Fagerås
09:20 Smart sensor networks in the Ocean, by Centre Director Ingvar Henne, UiB
09:35 Introduction of SFI Offshore Mechatronics by Centre Director Geir Grasmo, UiA
09:40 Condition monitoring in Offshore mechatronics, by Rune Schlanbusch, NORCE (SFI Offshore Mechatronics)
09:55 Data Analytics, IT integration and big data, by professor Baltasar Beferull, UiA (SFI Offshore Mechatronics)
10:10 Break
10:40 Monitoring solutions for marine observations, by Inger Graves, Aanderaa (Xylem)
11:00 Visualization of marine observations and infrastructure status, by Yngve Kvinnsland, Bouvet
11:20 Development of Deepsea StarTM and Operation of Floating Offshore Wind Units, Elin Crombie, COO in Odfjell Oceanwind
11:35 Deep Sea Minerals; Towards an exploration toolbox, Lars Kristian Trellevik, CSOO in Adepth Minerals
11:50 Industry point of view 3 Aquaculture, Geir Magne Knutsen, Bremnes Seashore
12:05 Industry point of view 4 CCUS, Audun Faanes, Equinor
12:20 Lunch
13:10 Innovation workshop Part 1 by GCE Ocean Technology
13:55 Break
14:25 Innovation workshop Part 2 by GCE Ocean Technology
15:10 Presentation of ideas and plenum discussion
15:40 Wrap up
15:50 End of workshop

Participation and Costs

The workshop is open for all and free of charge.

It is intended for everyone working in offshore, marine, and maritime sectors that produce, service, or operate equipment, machines, systems, or infrastructure related to operations, monitoring, performance tracking and decision support.


Register for the innovation workshop. Deadline: 28. August at 12.00.